The Dominican Sisters of St Cecilia – Closing of the Year of St. Joseph

December 8th, 2021 Closing of the Year of St. Joseph

The Year of St. Joseph proclaimed by Pope Francis in 2020 will officially close on December 8th of this year. The Holy Father opened the special year in remembrance of his patronage over the Universal Church.

In honor of the day, the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia will have a statue of St. Joseph reinstalled in a niche overlooking the exterior of the Motherhouse. The statue was removed from the 1888 portion of the Motherhouse at the time of repairs to the roof. It has since been refurbished and will be restored to its original site following a short prayer service with the sisters and construction workers who have been working on the project.

PBG Builders was honored to be selected as the Owner’s Representative to the sisters, working closely with the sisters and RSS Roofing Company to ensure a successful project.

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