Tennessee Justice Center’s New Forever Home!

TJC officially closed on fully financing our forever home. We will receive about $1.3M in new market tax credits (“free” money) and will have a loan from Truist to complete the construction project. All that remains is getting the building built, getting into the new space, and raising $1.9M to be debt free. We will be joined in the space by a community group, Napier Kitchen Table, that is deeply rooted in the neighborhood. They plan to lease about 5,000 of our 15,000 square foot building. We are already working with our neighbors and community groups to build a strong coalition to clear barriers to opportunity for the families in our new neighborhood.


Getting to this point has taken years, herculean efforts, hundreds of hours of work, and Olympic athlete problem solving skills on the part of many of you and our team. Thanks to our cloud of angels who have made this dream a reality for TJC. It just would not have happened without them. It is a miracle and worth a happy dance. Thanks to all of you for your overwhelming generosity in time and treasure. Below are two pictures of what the building and foundation looks like so far. There’s no place like home. We are thrilled to be one step closer to ours.

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