An experienced Owner’s Representative must possess strong technical and management skills while performing as a member of your staff.  Our sole purpose is to look out for your best interest exclusively. 

We are the owner’s trusted advisors.  Because of their vast knowledge and experience in the architectural and construction industry, we provide conflict and problem resolution skills that save the owner time, money and stress.

As your Owner’s Representative, we learn your project goals and business objective, and serve as facilitator and mediator.  PBG Builders verifies that all stakeholders are clearly focused at all times on your project, and working toward the common goal.  We recognize your desired outcome.  Through working cooperatively with all disciplines on the project, we strive to protect your company’s reputation, credibility, and profitability.
We take the complicated, time consuming process of construction, and simplify it for you.  We make the experience more efficient, and less stressful.  Our proficiency and familiarity in working with all contributors to a project include the design professionals, project engineers, general contractors, sub-contractors and tradesmen, vendors, building inspectors, utility companies, and the government.  Our expertise allows us the ability to make recommendations on design and scope, contract issues, budget and actual cost analysis, proposed changes, schedule changes, and project extensions.

Scope of Responsibilities

  • Team selection and procurement
  • Permitting and community relations support
  • Budget development and oversight
  • Value engineering
  • Cost control
  • Subcontractor selection/management
  • Materials procurement
  • Quality control
  • Schedule development and oversight
  • Project phasing and logistical planning
  • Design management oversight
  • Sustainability management
  • Construction management oversight
  • Owner vendor management
  • FF&E procurement
  • Relocation management
  • Commissioning oversight
  • Project closeout and one-year warranty

Benefits of Utilizing PBG Builders

  • Company Identity:  Represents the owner’s interest as a vested member of the company.
  • Owner’s Welfare:  Manages all aspects of a project to confirm that the owner’s best interests are included in each and every decision.
  • Accountability:  Promotes work that is completed in a professional and accountable manner.
  • Conflict Resolution:  Provides conflict and problem resolution, if such issues should arise.
  • Security:  Verifies that goals and objectives are met before payments are authorized.
  • Scheduling:  Reviews project scheduling to promote completion according to schedule.
  • Quality Control:  Promotes execution of project in accordance with plans and specifications.
  • Project Management:  Manage the scope of work, including any change orders.
  • Peace of Mind:  Allows the owner to run the business with confidence that the project is being managed efficiently.