Two Mile Pike Renovation
LocationNashville, TN (Goodlettsville)

PBG Builders renovated a dark, worn former karate studio and created a light-filled and energetic workspace. The renovation changed every aspect of the usable space and transformed it to a sleek, industrial, very functional office building– all on a modest budget. Work areas are glass and concrete with plenty of room for comfort and practicality. The original building was made of concrete block and included only two doors and one window. Now it boasts dozens of windows and great storefront glassed areas, one of which leads to a private courtyard complete with a louvered pergola, patio seating and a firepit creating a great space to collaborate and focus on customers.

Roofing was re-engineered to accommodate an open ceiling with exposed trusses for an open feel. A kitchenette and lounge area were created, bathrooms were replaced, with new electrical and lighting throughout to accommodate a functional and inviting office environment. New parking and generous landscaping completely changed the fa├žade, adding value to the neighborhood and great curb appeal. The building is the new home for PBG Builders, Inc. and the renovation exceeded our expectations.