Franklin Roof & Parapet Wall Repairs
LocationFranklin, TN

When a historical building in Franklin, Tennessee fell into disrepair, the building owners called on PBG Builders for professional expertise and experience to develop and execute a building repair plan. PBG found the building to have sustained damage to the brick parapet, destabilizing it from the rest of the brick veneer, and a leaking roof that had caused damage to the interior finishes of the building.  The parapet could be easily move by hand and created a safety hazard to neighboring buildings and heavily frequented sidewalks.  Emergency shoring was installed to stabilize the walls.

PBG worked closely with the local historic preservation commission to ensure the repairs not only addressed the structural issues with the walls, but also maintained the historic presence of the building.  

During the repairs, the existing brick was removed down to the tops of the 2nd floor windows.  The brick and stone cap were carefully removed, cleaned and re-installed.   In addition the roof was removed, roof deck repaired and a new roof installed. These repairs occurred while the existing tenant continued to occupy the building.