Ravenswood Mansion Restoration

Ravenswood Mansion Restoration

LocationBrentwood, TN

This project was a historical renovation to both the interior and exterior of the Ravenswood Mansion built in 1825. Located in the center of the Smith family property purchased by the City of Brentwood, the Mansion and its surrounding buildings became the centerpiece of an extensive park improvements project for the community and citizens of Brentwood. The Mansion renovation project was a blendingĀ  of historical restoration and modern improvements to upgrade the buildingĀ  to function as a place of entertainment and viewing, meet necessary Code and ADA requirements and to maintain and capture the beauty and antiquity of a Nineteenth Century mansion in its original setting.

The designers and contractors that worked on the project placed a strong emphasis on maintaining the historical fabric of the original Mansion and grounds. Every effort was used to restore items using materials from the Mansion building and using new materials that matched those from the time period. From utilizing the existing brick and stone to the restoration of wood trim and wood plank flooring, the contractors were very careful to recreate the historical accuracy of the original Mansion, while still being able to provide new electrical systems, heating and cooling systems and ADA compliant toilet rooms that allow the Mansion to be utilized as a gathering place and community activity area.