New Alumni Hall at Meharry Medical College

New Alumni Hall at Meharry Medical College

LocationNashville, TN

The New Alumni Hall at Meharry Medical College was a design-build project.  The process required PBG Builders to work closely with members of the college, and its facilities staff, to design, plan, and construct a new addition, as well as complete a renovation to the existing building.  

Being the first expansion project at Meharry Medical College since the early 1970s, the new addition consisted of a 4,400 square foot meeting facility, a large concrete patio with access stairs and handrails, and an elevated pedestrian bridge that connected to the adjacent parking garage in serving the Meharry community.  The project’s design begin in the summer 2011, with  construction starting in late November of the same year.

The project was completed on May 1, 2012, enabling the college to utilize the facility for commencements, and other functions related to their graduation activities. The aggressive construction time line, the close proximity of the site to adjacent buildings, the large volume of student traffic around the building, and steep grade issues on one side of the project presented challenges to the construction team that required expertise and skilled knowledge in order to achieve a successful project completion.