Martin Methodist College

Martin Methodist College

LocationPulaski, TN

Through construction projects I have been involved with on five campuses over nearly 30 years, it has become apparent to me that you can have quality construction, on time or under budget-pick one-but you only get one. In a few rare cases you might get two of the three. With Powell Building Group on our Student Apartment Project, we got all three. We (especially our students) are delighted with the quality of the product. And Powell was able to beat a very rigorous construction schedule and save us money in the process. What a great experience!

Dr. Ted Brown
President, Martin Methodist College

The college required new student housing, but had a scheduling dilemma.  They needed the project completed within nine months of occupancy.  PBG Builders was contracted to build the new facilities with the stipulation that there was no flexibility with the schedule.  Compounding the site conditions was the fact that work had to be performed with little or no impact on day-to-day operations to staff, the student body and visitors.

The 19,078 square foot scope of work involved two 4-story buildings with a total of 15,974 square feet of living space, and an additional 3,104 square feet of breezeways.  In addition, a  parking lot for 80 vehicles was also constructed on the site.

When finished, the buildings were able to house 116 students in 29 apartment suites, and included one Head Resident Suite with two bedrooms.