Kentucky-Tennessee Conference of Seventh Day Adventists

Kentucky-Tennessee Conference of Seventh Day Adventists

LocationGoodlettsville, TN

Project consisted of the complete exterior renovation of an occupied three story building.  The building had experienced significant moisture issues and mold problems.   The building remained fully occupied and operational throughout the construction process.  Our team developed a detailed phasing and construction plan so that work could be coordinated in occupied offices.  We removed windows and a substantial amount of the exterior wall system as a part of our work.   Our team developed a game plan that allowed the work to progress during the winter, while maintaining water tight and secure facility.  We had zero report of damage.   

We were the keeper of the Owner’s “all in” budget.  It was our responsibility to not only ensure that construction came in on budget, but we were also charged with the responsibility of ensuring design and other soft costs came in on budget.   No one knew exactly what we would encounter when we opened up the exterior wall system, so to ensure we had a solid budget, destructive investigation was performed so we could assess the concealed conditions and budget accordingly.  Based on our preplanning and testing, we came in approximately 10% under budget.    A great deal of time was spent training onsite workers on job specific rules so we wouldn’t have any fraternization issues.     

The Conference Office Renovation required:

  • Removal of existing cedar shake roof, replaced damaged roof decking and installed a new roof. 
  • Complete window replacement
  • Replaced all of the wood siding with new fiber cement board siding; most had deteriorated and created moisture issues inside the building
  • We removed all of exterior sheathing, repaired the structure, and installed new sheathing along with an air barrier.  All exterior wall insulation was replaced
  • Modified the existing HVAC system to incorporate outside air and replaced three air handler units
  • Major deterioration was found and repaired in the wood structure, some areas had compromised structural integrity of the building.
  • Completed interior finish repairs
  • Phasing  of work
  • Working in and around an occupied facility