Growing Tree Daycare

Growing Tree Daycare

LocationWhite House, TN

Growing Tree is a Christian preschool in White House, Tennessee that offers childcare for infants through 4 years old.  In 2019, PBG Builders renovated the unoccupied bottom floor of their building to add 7 new classrooms, restrooms, a kitchen, lunchroom, a laundry room, and 5 offices to their operation.

The renovation included trenching down the hallways to new restrooms in the toddler classrooms, new toilets, new sinks, new faucets, new drywall walls, new cabinets, new ceiling tile, new drier vent, new access control to the front door, new exterior egress doors and hardware in each classroom, new sidewalks, and miscellaneous electrical and fire alarm work. 

Although cost is always a driver, PBG Builders, was specifically tasked with doing everything possible to save on costs for this project.  Utilizing existing exterior windows for egress doors saved the cost of saw cutting and structural work. Extra time spent investigating during pre-construction resulted in being able to tie into the existing sanitary lines, saving the cost of running pipe outside and repairing any landscaping, concrete, or road associated with the same.  We retrofitted residential style doors and hardware to fit and function in this commercial building, which saved thousands of dollars.  We helped Growing Tree receive quotes and coordinate installing a new HVAC system and waterproofing an exterior wall that was leaking, which also saved thousands.  Finally, PBG Builders worked with Growing Tree to coordinate work as they brought in volunteers to assist with painting, landscaping, cleaning, and installing flooring.

It was our pleasure to help Growing Tree Daycare expand by renovating their facility. Finding new ways to save costs while delivering a quality finished product is always a challenge, but by working together we were able to cross the finish line under budget with a facility that will suit their needs for years to come.