Bluefield Shoppes

LocationDonelson, TN

The Bluefield Shoppes are 2 multi-tenant retail buildings in the heart of a Nashville neighborhood being revitalized. The building portion of this project consisted of completely gutting both buildings down to the structural elements, creating new storefront facades, and creating “white box” spaces for tenants. Other building improvements were completed such as new roofs, a new interior stairwell to access the 2nd floor, and new exterior awnings and lighting. Site work consisted of installing new sidewalks and a patio for outdoor dining; improving drainage by grading, installing pervious pavers, and installing a bioretention pond; running new domestic water, sewer, gas, and power to the building; installing underground grease traps; new landscaping; and new paving and striping.

To allow half of the existing tenants to stay operational, PBG took a phased approach. The first phase consisted of renovating 1 building and half the site. When that was finished, PBG obtained a temporary use and occupancy permit that allowed the tenants to move into the new space while the 2nd building and 2nd half of the site were renovated. The Owner was able to keep those tenants throughout the construction process and sign a new lease with them in the new buildings.