C3 Bank offered PBG Builders the opportunity to build a new kind of bank. Located in the trendy Gulch area of Nashville, C3 Bank wanted to showcase a modern, high-class interior with a comfortable but extremely elegant ambiance. The outdated facility was retrofitted with custom woodwork, shining floors and soaring walls of glass. The renovation included turning the old vault into a walk-in beverage area to welcome customers and build relationships. An inviting patio cascades across the front and offers a stunning view of the downtown skyline and includes cozy seating and a firepit for comfort.  PBG Builders delivered a high quality, contemporary, sophisticated atmosphere for our client.



When Fesmire Dental Clinic needed to expand and renovate their office, they turned to PBG Builders.  New operatories were created that would allow Fesmire Dental to enhance their capacity and services offered.   In addition to 3 dental treatment centers, a break room, sterilization room, wet lab, and other support spaces were created.   Finishes in the existing operatories and hygiene rooms were upgraded outside of normal operating hours to avoid any disruption to the patients or staff.

The work was completed in a timely manner and within budget.

Taking Our Client’s Vision from Concept to Reality

If you have a vision let PBG Builders bring that vision to a reality – – – then take pride in a finished product that best represents your company’s image and purpose

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