PBG Builder’s Work at Tennessee Justice Center Nears Completion


Tennessee Justice Center Renovation Collaboration with PBG Builders Nears Completion

PBG Builders has been the construction partner for the Tennessee Justice Center for a MAJOR renovation on their new facility. TJC had been searching for a new, affordable office closer to the community they serve and opted to gut a derelict building and bring it to new life. Check out the before and after pictures to see the progress being made to the building exterior.

For over 27 years, the Tennessee Justice Center (TJC) has been standing with vulnerable Tennessee families and helping them access basic necessities of life. ​TJC has made an incredible impact for families from Memphis to Mountain City, for moms and children with special needs, for older adults and caregivers, for people with disabilities and those who need long-term care, and many, many more. TJC helps their neighbors one-by-one to cut through red tape to access vital, sometimes life-saving services like health care and nutrition benefits.

Whether in the courtroom, newspaper, or Capitol, TJC advocates for a state that reflects our communities’ shared values, that protects the dignity and opportunity of every person, and that supports the health care and economic infrastructure on which all our communities depend.

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