Our commitment to project safety is more than just complying with a series of requirements.   It is a respected protocol that drives the integrity of every project.  In fact, PBG Builders takes pride in the fact that they have never had an OSHA fine or penalty on any of their projects.  Although their assertive approach primarily benefits employees and subcontractors, it also promotes safety for clients, general public and the property of all parties.

They are compelled by an inherent understanding of the construction process to provide:

  • Compliance with all federal and state regulatory standards (OSHA)

  • Strict safety program in promoting zero accidents on the job site

  • Established and defined Safety Training Program where understanding and compliance are condition of employment by personnel

  • Resources to promote proper equipment and machinery usage and maintenance

  • Retaining Associated Management Consultants to conduct ongoing inspections of work areas at least once a month

  • Weekly safety meetings, as well as bi-monthly third party safety inspections

  • Consultant meetings on high risk sections of work to ensure safety compliance

  • Meetings with homeowners in surrounding established neighborhoods to promote confidence in the safety measures being established

Through this responsible approach to safety, PBG Builders’ workers’ compensation rates are among the lowest in the industry, which translates into savings for their clients.

This commitment to the overall safety of a project for all workers, occupants and established homeowners is the type of dedication that earned PBG Builders a First Place national award from the 2015, 2012 and 2009 National Construction Safety and Excellence Award presented by the Associated General Contractors of Tennessee. (AGC of America).